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My name is Donna Patterson. Several of my relationship e-books are posted on Amazon Kindle. Currently I’m writing as wise Grandma-D on my blog offering years of practical experience as the basis for teaching women how-to-date-to-marry. Techniques are based on nature’s proven principles of how relationships work best from selection, thru dating, into marriage. It helps women who are tired of multiple partners and stalemate dates going nowhere. Its bold, brass, unique viewpoint offers a Six-Step Plan of Action. What makes this Plan work as opposed to other dating advice? Click here to discover the secrets:

Find True Love—Exert 7 Soulmate Secrets into Forever Love

Impossible? No! Discover what, how, and why this plan works Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash Forever love …in this flip-flop world? Surely, you jest. Finding true love in today’s relationship climate is tricky. Let’s look at a couple of dating scenarios: Sabotaging Relationship Potential Photo by Danie Franco on Unsplash Lots of guys to hookup with — with one thing […]

Date to Win: Why Opposers to “ORDER” in Relationships Are Wrong

A previous article discussed why “Order” in relationships is the key to happiness. Others violently oppose. So here, ladies and gentlemen is the formula of love in a nutshell: Chemistry+Passion+Spirituality+Seeing+Team = True Love   Oh, wait, here’s another definition: “Loving does not mean merging, surrendering, and uniting with another person; it is rather a high […]

Recognize WHEN it’s a Time to Love—The One Key Factor

It’s time to love when reciprocal chemistry allows you and your partner to “SEE” each other inside and out. To appreciate similarities that bond. To recognize differences that complement. To merge two diverse personalities together in harmony showing each mutual appreciation. Here’s the thing about people truly in love: They SEE each other. They KNOW each other as […]

Romance Scams: 4-Part-Deceit-Game-Plan Exposed

Spot the Scam: Protect Heartbreak & Bank Account It devastated my co-worker. Emily was a middle-aged 60-year-old kind and giving woman who lived a comfortable life—But lonely since the death of her husband 5 years earlier. A romance scammer entered her life and ripped her perfect world to shreds. The emotional tyranny left her wrecked, […]

Is Cinderella Love Possible? Avoid 5 Obstacles …

Is Cinderella Possible? Avoid 5 Obstacles… Imagine walking together in love … what makes it happen?” Welcome ladies who love to love! Glad you’re here. This post argues the desperate need for Relationship Education. Because how to acquire Cinderella love is complicated to grasp. Without understanding how love works, we date in the dark. Fingers […]

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