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Hi, I’m Donna Patterson, Author, and Certified Relationship Coach. I offer life experience supported by studies of psychological trauma and the Alpha Female’s Guide to Dating and Relationships.


My purpose is to help women find their soulmate—I see your struggles, I’m trained to help. I can help. “I want to help.”


But … Enough about me. This blog is for YOU.


I want to take you on a journey from Selection through Dating into Marriage with the man who’ll love you, ALL THE WAY. Like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Romeo and Juliet. Heathcliff and Cathy. And today’s reality, Jay-Z and Beyonce. 


It’s painful to watch single women muddle through meaningless dates to find true love. Only to be disappointed, rejected, or used by the wrong guy. Even more painful is watching primetime women ‘settle‘ just to have someone. Not good. It’s not fair to you. You deserve the best partner your reciprocal vibes mirror back.


You can master magnet-pulling dating skills when you understand how ‘Mother Nature‘ teaches us the best way relationships work.  What to look for that meets us in the middle. That complements our spirit. That identifies the team player who sings our songs. The blueprint is written in stone. Yes, there is a proven path. (More later).


I populate this blog with articles, books, ideas, tips, advice, and other resources to educate you on dating, relationships, romance, and marriage.


BUT in a bold, somewhat “CONTROVERSIAL” manner. You gonna put yourself on a pedestal as the prize to be wooed and pursued. It’ll take guts, but you’re worth it. So let’s make it happen.


You learn to date smart without kissing frogs along the way. 


Your choice of whom you’ll date is the single most important building block in whether your relationship will succeed. Your choice is more crucial than everything else combined that you will ever do to lay the foundation for your relationship, especially marriage.


Your choice will determine whether you enjoy the satisfaction of a wise decision or the pain of a terrible mistake. It’s crucial to make the right selection! 

Therefore …

Leave confusion behind. Do you know the #1 reason how women sabotage a budding romance before it blossoms, often on the first date(s)?


Or do you have your fingers crossed hoping the man you’ve dated several years will finally pop the question? But you fear he won’t and you don’t know what to do about it? Do you continue to date losers, selfish, ‘bad boys’, womanizers, unavailable men, commitment-phobics, and expect different results? … NO MORE.


Now you can change all the negatives and rejections to positives and flourish in new-found confidence convinced that men not only want to know you … but One Special Man wants to love you!

Man loves his woman

The key to finding your soulmate is to share common interests. Then to understand the DNA mindset differences between you and him. You’re both equal. Yet both are different. Each designed to complement the other.

Not to compete. Not to Undermine. Not to Belittle. But to work together as a unified TEAM.


Each presents their differences as complementary gifts to the other. These contributions bring out our best. The next step is to address and surmount (workable) differences. Then merge our diverse personalities into a unified TEAM. A team that works together with common cause and purpose in the same direction—yet still appreciating and maintaining each other’s individuality …


Whew! Quite a feat.


Think how awesome that’ll be when you achieve it!


This blog offers valuable insight that sets us apart from run-of-the-mill dating sites. You know the ones that spout 5 ways to comb your hair to find true love. (LOL).


We cover the entire relationship journey into the golden years.


We base the training on proven “principles” that stand the test of time. Transitioning through six phases of dating opens your eyes to understand all phases of love and its magic to bond in enduring love.  Only taught here in our unique style, content, and format.


In life, many things change—but the truth of how human relationships work best, NEVER change. Over the years people have gotten away from these basics in favor of pop culture relationship theory that changes from sunrise to sunset. What’s trending today might not be trending tomorrow. 


While dating actions based on sound principles, however, work up to 99% when applied and practiced.


All you have to do is to listen, learn, implement, and enjoy life with your Soulmate. 

soulmate love is beautiful
Couple share romantic love over drinks



This is for women of all ages, single, divorced, widowed who are seriously looking for a permanent relationship. So, if you’re just looking to hook up, or experiment with whoever, whenever, you’re not ready for what we offer.

Just keeping it real…

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Donna Patterson

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