Relationships Defined – Part I

In the next few posts we’ll examine whether or not our protagonist, Julie, permitted a long enough time-span to ensue between she and Rick to allow love to develop and grow before she pledged her heart. Did she really define the meaning of relationships? Below is a sneak peek inside the “How-to-Date-to-Marry” Workbook.photo4


It started with a phone call from her sister Kathy in Vale, CO.


“Hi sis,” Kathy began.  “Is everything ok?  I’ve been getting troubling vibes about you.  What’s going on?”


“Well, hello to you too,” Julie said smiling.  I can’t believe how you always know when something is wrong.”  She paused, “. . . Joe and I broke up.”


“Oh, that explains it.  Too bad.  I thought you two might make it.  Sorry.  Bet you’re feeling rather blue about now.  Why not come out and spend a week with me.  We can ski and chitchat for hours like we used to.  And since I’m an instructor here, you can stay in the lodge with me and my roommate, Rick.”


“Rick?” Julie asked.


“A guy I’ve known a couple years.  It’s strictly platonic; he’s not my type.  I met him when he updated our company’s computer system.  He’s pretty neat.  Works as an independent consultant and travels a lot but his home base is here.


He helped me set up my home computer; we struck up a friendship so he’s staying with me temporarily until he moves into his new house.  Hey, come to think of it, he might be just your type.  In fact, truth be told,” she laughed, “I’ve told him a great deal about you already.”


“Hold on cupid,” Julie said.  “I don’t know about all that, but I would like to get away for a while.  Can’t do it just yet, but I’ll stay in touch.”


Julie called Kathy often during the following weeks to vent and release.  One day Rick answered.  The chemistry was immediate.  They struck up a conversation and talked for more than an hour.


Then nightly, either over the phone or by email, they talked, laughed and communicated an unspoken attraction.  Rick, she learned, had been divorced about six months and, like herself, was anxious to meet new people.


Six weeks later, eager to meet, Rick invited her out.  She accepted readily.   However, instead of staying at the lodge with Kathy, Julie agreed to meet Rick at a two-bedroom villa he had reserved for them.  Two bedrooms, Julie thought, no problem.  She arrived first, her stomach in knots, anxious about seeing him face to face for the first time.


He arrived around midnight.  Julie was ecstatic the moment he walked through the door.  He was everything she’d hoped he would be – handsome, intelligent, kind, humorous and sexy.  He hadn’t eaten yet so they ordered pizza and sat and talked until 5 a.m.  Julie felt she’d known him all her life.


Finally, clearly exhausted, they walked hand in hand, to one of the bedrooms, collapsed on the bed and fell asleep in each others arms.


Next morning they explored Vale together, Rick pointing out updates since it had been several years since Julie’s last visit.  Kathy joined them for lunch at the ski lodge and then Julie and Rick spent the afternoon skiing and enjoying themselves immensely.


Back at the villa, they relaxed before dinner and laughed about Julie’s awkward entrance back into skiing.  They dressed and dined at a fine restaurant enjoying fine food, laughter and each others company.  After dinner they went club hopping.  They sang and danced to the rhythm of Latin Music at the first club.  Swung to hip-hop at another.


And at the last club, Julie glowed from the feel of Rick’s arms around her as they danced cheek to cheek until the wee hours.  The attraction was mutual, two beautiful people caught up in sensual intoxication.


Later, back to the villa, Julie put on Kenny G and brought out champagne on ice and filled two glasses as Rick stoked the fire.  Setting the tray down, Julie came and stood beside him.  He turned, and taking her hand, drew her close, pulling them down onto the rug in front of the fireplace.


There they sat, cuddled, warm and safe in each others arms, watching the flames dance an erotic dance.  Before long, Rick slid his arm down from around her shoulder and took her hand and slowly intertwined his fingers with hers, spurring warm shivers.  She laid her head on his broad shoulder and her heart swelled as they sat sipping champagne, each silent in a private dream.


loversShe snuggled yet closer and raised her eyes to his.  Rick set his glass down and touched her face.  His warm fingers tickled her cheek and ran down her neck.  Intoxicated now with warmth from the fire, from the champagne, and from each other, Julie raised her open mouth to his and moaned as he devoured her hot tongue.  And cries from their love making echoed throughout the night.


Julie couldn’t remember a more wonderful weekend!



Rick drove Julie to the airport and said he’d call to make sure she arrived home safely.  He did, but a week passed by and he hadn’t called again.  Concerned, she called him.  Rick said he’d been busy but that it was good to hear from her.  They spoke a few times that month, but not like before.


Julie desperately wanted to see him again.  This time, without an invitation, she called Kathy and made arrangements to fly back out for a week.  Kathy informed Rick, and when he picked Julie up at the airport he was decidedly cool.  When he spoke, he snapped at her.


Must be pressures of the job, Julie thought.  It troubled her, too, that he spent so little time with her until the night before her departure, the only night they made love again.


When he dropped her off at the airport, he said he’d call, but he didn’t.  She called him.  No response.  She text him.  No response.  She e-mailed him.  No response.


What went wrong?

Let’s stop here and analyze:

  • Julie and Rick, hit it off right from the start.
  • They engaged in hours of conversation over the phone
  • Face to face, they devoured each other enjoying fantastic chemistry
  • Sex was out of this world!

 But …

  • Rick seemed disinterested when she showed up again
  • He didn’t call her back
  • Didn’t seem interested in continuing the relationship
  •  Again, what went wrong?


Post in the comment section below:

  • What do you think went wrong?
  • Did Julie use allow enough time to pass to grow love?
  • What if anything you would have done differently?


In the next post we’ll move ahead to reveal what Julie does next.


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