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Because of overwhelming requests for personal responses, I am announcing a special service for all who have completed the 3-book series and understand the “Principles.” More than 100+ principles exist that deal with family life including relationships, marriage, raising children, and problem-solving on many issues.


These principles offer solutions that work when practiced. They promote love, peace, and harmony within the family unit and in particular between partners that encourages their love to grow and thrive to beat the odds of high divorce. Based on the laws of human nature—these principles rarely fail. Now introducing …


Principles on Demand


I will respond to your inquiries regarding singleness and dating /or marriage as an AWARENESS SERVICE ONLY. This service will reveal the underlying “principle(s)” that apply to your situation with a personal report from me to you from 250 to 1000 words.


NOTE: This is an Awareness Service Only. I am a coach, not a licensed counselor. I do NOT give advice. This service simply highlights the human nature issue your question(s) pertains to. I will pinpoint the principles that apply and illustrate practical application.


This in no way guarantees your problem will be solved. This awareness simply enables you to better understand your situation and the principles that apply. Along with examples of how they work to promote a better dating experience. Or to establish unity, peace, and understanding in your marriage.


Therefore, there is No Money Back Guarantee with this offer. It is what it is. But rest assured I will do my best with your interests in mind to emphasize the most applicable principles available to help you work through your challenging relationship issue(s).


Regular requests receive a reply within 10 days from date of receipt at $97 each request.

RUSH requests are answered within 48 hours from date of receipt at $197 each request.


For full details send request to:  Subject: Principles on Demand. A form with details will be sent to your email address.


Again, this is an awareness service only. I am a coach, not a licensed counselor. I do not give advice and do not guarantee your problem will be resolved. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. However, I will assist in suggesting the applicable principle(s) you request.


Be sure to check out my website to receive a FREE bonus article on a new disturbing dating trend titled: Non-Relationship Relationships. It alerts you to Act like a goddess and be treated like one. Act like a punching bag and brace yourself for the blows.


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