What Is Cinderella Love?

I’m Grandma-D—been around the block, so I speak real-life experience. I’ve seen the best and worst dating advice. What alarms me is what’s missing—basic explanation of how men and women differ in their approach to finding true love —And how to bridge those differences. Valid dating skills that grasp and apply human nature principles fill that gap. Like Aha—Got it!

I call it Retro-Dating. These powerful skills have been put on the back burner, never learned, or considered irrelevant for today’s generation. They’re NOT. Because human nature remains the same regardless of generation.

This workbook demystifies the entire dating process from Selection thru Dating into Marriage. It explains how romantic love develops, grows, endures. Its key function helps you develop your own targeted plan to get there—identify your best match then capture his love. (Grab copy here)

It’s presented as the Love Story of Julie, a woman tired of hooking up in search for true love. She suffers ups and downs of love gone awry until she’s introduced to Six Dating Principles. Content is lively, fun, with revealing profiles, do you remember quizzes, diary summaries, controversial opinions, thought-provoking issues, maddening realities: Set your value high and he’ll come running. Sex too soon and you lose. (Get copy here)

  • Identify your best match upfront without kissing frogs along the way
  • Assess the “inner man” before giving your heart. This skill hedges against rejection
  • Use “time” as your best ally. It assures true love and safeguards emotional well-being
  • Understand how men pursue followed by recommended dos and don’ts responses
  • Find the complementary differences that exist between you and your partner
  • Ramp those differences to the hilt to bridge, expand, enhance, and intertwine the best of both to forge a strong united bond. …And then true love blossoms. (Grab your copy).

Without applying know-how skills to your dating life, what changes? You’ll still be lonely. You’ll still hook-up trying to find Mr. Right. You’ll still watch other couples hold hands while you’re on the outside looking in. Believe me life without love means you’re existing—not living. You don’t want that. Let me guide you. Learn what to do, how to do it and why it works. True love is out there waiting for you. Find it TODAY. (Get started here).