Relationship Quizzes: Do You Remember



Find answers in each named segment


Dr. Tracy Braun

  • What is the Tri-fold bond that defines romantic love?




  • How does each segment affect a relationship?




  • What does acceptance of individuality mean?




Love is First an Inside Job

  1. Why is self-love the greatest love of all?




  1. How can self-exposure be frightening?




  1. How does low self-esteem sabotage relationships?




  1. What is the meaning of self-responsibility?



  1. In what sense are we each alone?




  1. How does acceptance of aloneness cause love to grow?




  1. What suffocates love?



Love is a Mirror Image


  1. In harmonious relationships, the differences are merely in what sense?



  1. What is the source of excitement in relationships?



  1. What effect does completing differences have on relationships? Explain.




  1. What effect does defeating differences have on relationships? Explain.





  1. What differences exist in your present situation?





  1. How do differing energy levels affect a relationship?





  1. How are you and your mate’s energy levels in sync? How not in sync?




  1. Why should opposites seldom marry?




Love is Mutual Appreciation


  1. What does “Mutual Appreciation” mean?




  1. How could “Mutual Appreciation” show in your relationship?




  1. What is the advantage of self-disclosure?




  1. What do we want most in a relationship? Why?




  1. How do we reach out to become ‘visible’?




  1. How do we know when our mates ‘see’ us?




  1. Does your current mate ‘see’ you now?



  1. What is the key to finding your soulmate?




Love is a Reciprocal Process


  1. What do humans ask of romantic love?



  1. Assess a past relationship—how did it measure up to the definition of romantic love?




  1. Assess your current relationship—how does it measure up to the definition of Romantic Love?



  1. And what have you learned from this assessment?



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