Mutual Love is the Endgame–Why?


Have you ever found yourself wondering if he loves you as much as you love him? Do you feel less secure in his love? These nagging questions could mean you’re feeling like a one-sided partner. Somehow you feel the balance of love is not equal. So how does a woman know when her love is balanced and reciprocated in kind?


3waysstrongwomenfail2To receive full balance love, you have to be in love with yourself first. Sure, I know you’ve heard this countless times before. But stop to think – are you confident about yourself, do you project a positive self-assured persona? Love is first of all, an inside job. When you love yourself first it makes it easier for your man to love you in return. In fact, your essence expressed toward him demands it.


Now you’re in a place to receive mutual love.


So how does this mutual attraction and love express itself? It’s by showing appreciation for the qualities and being of your partner. This means you’re open to the free expression of your partner. You listen from a vantage point of respect and acceptance. It means while listening, you won’t attack their expressions. You won’t launch into a lecture to condemn. Nor will you withdraw from their openness.


Man and woman sharing intimate communicationOf course, in a relationship this doesn’t mean that neither you, nor your partner will automatically agree with your outlook; but it does mean that he/she appreciates and respects your right to your views and opinions. It means as a couple you both extend mutual appreciation toward each other.


And what a freeing atmosphere that acceptance opens up. It allows you to trust your partner so much that you share your innermost thoughts, fears, desires, goals, longing, etc with them. And that unlocks a treasure chest of intimacy. And a romantic relationship opens up in full bloom. And this allows us to receive love and to give love and it all balances out.


Do you remember we elaborated on one post that our greatest desire is to be “seen” and to be “understood”. We want to share our lives with someone who sees who we are deep down inside; to understand your inner psyche. You want to become psychologically visible to him. Right? When you and your partner can achieve this magical feat of seeing into another person’s soul, it invites profound bonding.


One promise is that we’ll find understanding. Understanding is what we seek most in a relationship. How many times have you asked your partner, ‘Do you see what I mean?’ You are asking if he understands you. You want him to see you, to understand your inner psyche. You want to become psychologically visible to him.


hearts and candlesCan you imagine—It’s an incredible experience to connect mentally and emotionally with another human being on this intense sacred level. At last, you’ve met someone who more or less thinks as you do, notices what you notice, values things you value, whose moral compass is in sync with yours. Wow! You actually “see” yourself through him! Now, that’s soul-mate love.


This happens in two stages:

  1. Love of self. Once you are comfortable and confident with yourself, you will feel free to share yourself with your partner. You will share who you are because you now realize you have something valuable to offer: Your thoughts, ideas, opinions and positive outlook.


  1. When you reach out to him expressing your personality through the things you say and do and in the ways you express them, he will in response, mirror your actions. By the way he speaks to you; by the way he responds. And if his core of being is in sync with yours … the balance of love is right … And you connect as one.


  1. This connection of mutual love is built day by day. Start now.



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