Is Cinderella Love Possible? Avoid 5 Obstacles …

Is Cinderella Possible? Avoid 5 Obstacles…

Imagine walking together in love … what makes it happen?”

Welcome ladies who love to love!

Glad you’re here. This post argues the desperate need for Relationship Education. Because how to acquire Cinderella love is complicated to grasp. Without understanding how love works, we date in the dark. Fingers crossed hoping that he’s the “one”. That somehow we don’t botch it up. That he calls the next day. That we’ve made a connection. That he becomes your soulmate.

I’m a recovering love too easily addict. My desire for romantic love led me down the tears in buckets wormhole more than necessary. I wasted years before discovering the essence of this magic wonder drug we call love. I could have avoided hurtful stumbles. I could have made better selection choices. I could have found a real love so much sooner.


Therefore, I’ve penned this article series to help you avoid dating pitfalls to instead follow a true path to Cinderella love.

(And YES! It IS possible (when you know how).

Question …

Is there a “LOVE MASTERY’ UNIVERSITY out there in the “I want to find love world” that reveals secrets to unlock a man’s heart to—Love, Romance, Marriage? Or do you simply scarf down the latest guru spin on dating success? Or do you trust your own unproven gut instinct with fingers crossed? Or have you given up trying to find reliable answers?

Sadly, for many, it’s trial and error. We stumble. We fall. We endure the pains of rejection, lies, infidelities, incompatibilities. And end up wallowing in regret for time wasted leading nowhere.

Even worse, you meet a new guy then because you don’t know better, you follow your same old dating pattern, praying this time will be different…

It never is …

How could it be different following the same old hit-and-miss dating patterns? …

  • We need Relationship Education for success. Here’s the formula:

Eros (Romantic love) + (Agape Principled love)

  • The application of this formula leads to unbreakable bonds between couples. They learn to bridge gender gaps that mold them into team-players SOULMATES.
  • It’s not magic. But you need to know HOW to do this. This first article starts with 5 mindset obstacles of dating without a plan—you’re just dating randomly not knowing where you’re going, how to get there, or why it works.

5 Reasons Women who Spin the Wheel of Guesses are Alone without a Lover…

  1. Women in their 30s, 40s, 50s+ are tired of runarounds, game playing, womanizers, and the commitment-phobic. They’re looking for the ‘right’ guy. Problem is the man right for Mary Jane could be absolutely wrong for you. How do you determine YOUR right guy? Unfortunately spinning the wheel of guesses without a plan of action. Without knowing how to select your best match to date upfront, often leads to a boatload of ex-lovers—Definitely not appealing to serious women anymore.
  2. Young women often lack self-esteem and are too critical of themselves. Too tall. Too short. Too fat. Too thin. Not pretty enough. Not smart enough, etc. We feel for them because we, too, were once young. All they know about dating and relationships is what they pick up from Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tock, or other social media platforms. To the obvious—Not the best resources. This leaves them vastly unprepared for the emotional journey of relationship building. Leaving them dancing in a maze. They’re vulnerable to every pick-up line, date-rape perpetrator out there. And they fall in love too readily before they begin to comprehend its emotional ramifications.
  3. Some paint a fairy-tale picture of their “Mr. Right”. He’s a tall knight in shining armor, able to leap tall buildings in a single bounce. He’s Adonis with King Solomon’s intellect.  …Really? What do you offer him to complete that picture? Clue—the REAL world doesn’t work like that. You must match like for like because Mr. Right wants to match his essence. It’s a two-way street. This woman lives a fairy-tale devoid of selection skills.
  4. Others give a man too much of themselves too soon. A man by nature is a pursuer. When you gush too soon, sex too soon, move in too soon, he loses his desire to pursue—he won’t bother setting you up as the woman of his dreams. He won’t look for ways to please you. Or surprise you. Or go out of his way for you. You’ve made his life complete without him lifting a finger. There’s nothing to pursue. Sad but true. You lose.
  5. Many are career go-getters. Their entire life is work. Making something happen. Being at the forefront of the action. No time to develop intimacies. No time to think about starting a family. No desire to become Mom. Her desire is to become a CEO. Or the first woman to do (whatever). No thoughts of sharing her life with another. Her love life consists of pleasurable romps from time to time to satisfy sexual urges … Like Julie …

Julie Shares Her Sexual Agency Story …

“My college days were fast and furious. Books and boys. Hooking up was no big deal because my main focus was to become one of New York’s City most renowned interior decorators. My sexual encounters, therefore, were a way of exploring new venues into sexual broadening. I became a verified sexual agency woman.


At age 35 I found myself ALONE emotionally. My career thrived. Bank account to die for. Lived the high-life in an envy condo. But then reality clicked in— My high school and college friends had married. Had children. Workmates all had ‘significant others’ while I only entertained occasional sleepovers. Where was I heading? A life of One? That picture became less appealing.

One summer day while jogging, I watched couples in a nearby park holding hands. Zing! I realized I wanted a permanent partnership too. Someone to love and be loved in return. What took me so long!

But …

Who was that special someone for me? Was it too late? Where can I find him? I started dating online. Some enjoy success—I met a lot of frogs. Through friends, over time I did date five guys. (Details and lessons learned revealed in upcoming posts).

Each experience failed. Why? What didn’t I see? Would I ever find a soulmate?

All this time, I’d been dating by the seat of my pants. Whoever struck my fancy at the moment. A sexy raised eyebrow; a dimpled smile; an expensive car; an alluring flirt.

Thankfully, my work assistant, Chanelle, noticed my depression and introduced me to Dr. Tracy Braun … And my love life changed forever! (Explained in future posts).

The takeaway is that finding Love is hard. Its concepts difficult to grasp. Its nuances puzzling to interpret. To be successful you can’t fly by the seat of your pants and expect to find it. Knowledge of how relationships work best is the key.

Determine which obstacle you need to overcome and stay with me in the days, weeks, months ahead to make sure your stream of light is direction-focused, not veering left, not veering right, but open-eyed steady, to bring into your life the love you deserve.


happy married coupleCinderella love is possible when you put in the work to understand HOW to make it happen.

I invite you to follow me to learn many more aspects of love and relationships.


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Donna Patterson

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