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There is a lot of talk about marriage and “family values” today. Foremost, family values means keeping the family together and in balance with all other aspects of life as the center core of the marriage. One example was highlighted in an interview with the FLOTUS, Michelle O in which she revealed love codes. She then explained how she and her husband are successful in marriage.


The Support Love Code


She listed five love codes. In this post we’ll address her number one love code – Respect and Support! “Support for my husband,” she smiled, “is number one for me”… Followed by support for my children. Support for our family goals. Support for my husband’s political agenda. These major areas of support are my love codes.


“Support!” I hear some feminist cry. Isn’t she a highly professional, educated lawyer? She could have pursued a high ranking career of her own on the world stage. Perhaps she could have accumulated acolades with lucrative clients, power, fame, notoriety to the highest degree.


But she didn’t.


She could have run for political office, perhaps becoming a senator, or governor, maybe VP.


. . . But she didn’t.


Instead, she supports her family. She stands by her man giving him the backing and comfort he needs at the end of hectic days battling opposition, hatred and strife.


happy married coupleShe and women like her have discovered that men flourish on respect and support.  Respect is the foundation of any relationship that endures and stands the test of time. A man needs to know his wife respects him. When she can murmur in his ear her admiration (“I’m proud of you”), encouragement (“I believe in you”), and acknowledgement (“You’re a good man”), she speaks directly to his psyche that is yearns for respect, approval, and support.


As Tammy Wynette sang, “Stand by Your Man.”


Note: Figure out why you respect your man. What are you proud of him for? What can you acknowledge him for? How can you make him feel good about himself? Then, tell him. Don’t tell him merely that you love him, tell him why you love him.


Support for the Children


She is there—supporting and attending school programs, PTA, parent-teacher’s night, and so forth. She helps them with their homework, and she supervises programs that help all children reach out for higher education. She doesn’t outsource these responsibilities.


She is teaching children about healthy food; how to garden to produce fresh vegetables. She’s providing eating guidelines to forestall obesity leading to diabetes. And she promotes exercise to build strong bodies among many other endeavors– her children watch and learn how to help others from her example.


She is there. Are you getting the point? She gives of herself, self-sacrifice, as it were, to assist her family by nurturing, supporting and educating those under her care and in her charge, and then in turn teaching them how to reach out in support of others.


She is acting as a complement to her husband. Not trying to outshine him in any way. She’s working WITH him, not against him. Shown by her supportive actions, she is working in harmony with her husband to keep power struggles at bay.


This support love code has served her well. If you’ve seen any of thousands of pictures of them together, we’d have to say, The President loves and adores his wife! Do you think she feels inferior to him in any way because she is not pursuing her own career in favor of supporting his? Not one bit.


And bottom line: Do you think she is a happy wife? Would you also like to experience happy marriage? You can start now to imitate her love codes of support as the best way relationships and marriages succeed.


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