Book I: What 99% of Women don’t know about Soulmate Selection, but should!

This Three-book series journeys from Selection through Dating into Marriage. Its Six-Step System helps you Identify Your Soulmate love.

BOOK I – Best-Match Selection Secrets Reveal Who to Date for Heart-Surging Happiness

I teach this course in creative non-fiction style. We follow Julie, our heroine, as she narrates her love story. It’s her journey from her last failed relationship to how she finally finds heart-throbbing love with Dave, her soulmate.


It happens when she learns how to identify a potential soulmate BEFORE the first date. And why a Best-Match Selection Choice determines the happiness of a good choice or the pain of a bad choice.


Love is complex and complicated, often layered with confusion, frustration, and heartache.  Especially so if we leave our vulnerable heart in the hands of someone we barely know and not sure of yet. Someone we just met a couple months ago. Then if love goes awry questioning whether it was genuine love or simply an infatuation. Leaving us hurt and alone again.


Therefore, it makes sense to take time to get to know the other person well BEFORE you fall off the deep in. Hopelessly in love with someone who doesn’t deserve it. Isn’t ready to reciprocate. Uses or abuses your trust in him. Time, when used wisely, helps to assess the inner man to avoid this and similar traps.


Time is your best ally in all aspects of dating. It takes time to know someone well. It takes time to determine whether you can work together as a team. It takes time to assess whether he’ll be there for you in the long-run. Learn what, why, when, how to use time to your advantage.


Book I therefore is about using time to PREPARE YOURSELF for love.  Understand your strengths and vulnerabilities. Determine what you want and where you want to go.  If you want soulmate love and marriage, then chart a path to get there. PREPARE YOURSELF for how to do this to get the love you deserve.  This preparation is critical because of the latest disturbing trend. Notice …


ALERT: A quickly emerging, fast-moving, alarming trend threatens your chance of finding your SoulMate.  According to AI (Artificial Intelligence, you don’t need to bond with a “real human” simply buy a … Sexbot — Soulmate problem solved!

Yikes! Have you heard?

The bad news is it jeopardizes normal relationships. The threat of fewer marriages. Fewer children or no children at all. And the demise of happiness with “live” human beings is frighteningly close.

Is this fact … or fiction?

Introducing Artificial Intelligence Upcoming Billion Dollar Sexbots Industry …

Customized robots are smart, gorgeous, know likes and dislikes, speaks intelligently, offers empathy, companionship, friendship, sex, even love. In today’s battle of the sexes, this new abnormal reality appeals to many. Currently available in Italy, France, Japan, Britain.

Experts say these specialized robots will start to appear in ordinary homes in a few years as lonely humans look for love.  Read two eye-opening articles. One by James Adams. The other by Stephen Green.

Ladies, this means you have to come out punching. Punching to get what’s yours and not allow robots to steal. Learn the secrets to giving and receiving love like no robot ever could. Learn how to make him love you more than any robot could ever experience. Become The Dream Team.

Education is the Key

For instance, why are men turning away from human women to artificial women? And vice versa. Often, it’s because Couples Are Mismatched. Trying desperately to fit diverse round personalities into square holes. Can’t work. Won’t work.

Education starts with whom you choose to date. That’s crucial. Whom you choose to date is the most critical element in whether your union will work or not. Whether you will be happy or not.

Here, you’ll learn how to Identify the type of man most likely to love you–YOUR Best Match. The man who’ll hold you in his strong arms, cherish you as his true love and prize of his life. Sharing life experiences together—moonlight dinners, sunrise travels, with the one you love. Along with six strategic steps to the altar. …You can have it all. …Let’s find out how.

But first …

3 Ways Self-love First helps Identify Your Best Match & Draws him in like a Magnet

  1. Love is first an inside job then
  2. Set Your Value. Once set, confidence allows you to
  3. Assert Your Value to attract the man likely to love you all the way

That’s all well and good, but how does one establish self-love? What are the steps to gain high-level confidence in yourself—And then Assert it?

Book I  Establishes how to set yourself up as the Prize to be pursued and sets the groundwork to assert your value to win your Soulmate 

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At the conclusion of Book I, you will know:

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