Book III: Forever Love Marriage Guide

Marital Harmonics—The Marriage Concept Women Hate Until They Discover It Works like Oompha!

25 Secrets Reveal a Controversial Org Chart to Lifetime Love 

This is the last book of the Soulmate Matcher Series.

And by far the BEST… Because …

  • Finding your Soulmate is one thing…
  • Keeping Him in Love with You and Happy is another thing…


This is where the “magic” of Agape’s Love all comes together…You understand…Appreciate…Practice it…And Watch What Happens!

Dave and Julie are experiencing difficulties in their marriage. A co-worker introduces Marital Harmonics—An org chart for a successful marriage. This bold, principled-based role-specific concept alienates him and besides—he knows Julie would NEVER agree.

Finally desperate to save their marriage Dave asks Julie to listen …And she blows up…outraged! In time when nothing else works, Julie listens again with an open mind and Dave by her side.

Man loves his woman

It’s then she finally understood the power of Agape’ love. Now all pieces of the puzzle fall into place. And together they discover lifetime love.

Review:  This love story follows Julie Shannon’s search for her soulmate. She now completes her journey from Selection, through Dating into Marriage.

Julie did everything right. Selected her best match. Dated with purpose and direction. Married her soulmate. But something went wrong. She and Dave now struggle to make their marriage work. Stress, anxiety, and uncertainty are taking their toll—but what’s behind it—the culprit triggering their marriage unrest.


They bicker, yell, blame, and slide into punishing silence. They’d vowed, ‘til death us do part’—So where’s the love? Is their love dead or simply dormant? Can they revive their marriage to become stronger than ever imagined?


25 Human Nature principles based on the irrefutable agents of Agape’ love reveal what women should know about marriage—the most effective ways to interact between husband and wife. Ignore these principles—marriages fail. Follow them and the chance of happiness soars.

Review from Book I:  Agape’ love is the most important love of all. It is “principled” love guided by principles of what is right and in the best interest of the family.

  • It is love that has an unselfish devotion and sincere concern for the lasting welfare of the mate and family—along with an active expression of this concern.
  • Agape love is the glue that holds relationships together in “bad times” (and there will be bad times).
  • It also enables couples to continue putting up with one another and forgiving freely…
  • Agape love seldom fails because it looks out for the interest of the other.
  • Practicing  this unselfish love enables couples to cultivate an intense love for each other,

If you’ve never learned the principles of Agape love now’s the time. Apply them to get your marriage back on track. And single women learn how marriage works BEFORE you marry. It puts you ahead of the game.


Woman rages against dating rulesJulie and Dave learned these principles from an unlikely source. Nevertheless, after initially RAGING against them, Julie slowly embraces them. And the ups and downs mellow into an even flow.


One vital principle reveals how to bridge inherent differences. Some find this approach CONTROVERSIAL. But women who practice it reach that happy compromise. Their marriages thrive like bees’ love honey.


Another principle reveals the VITAL role husbands play and how wives can help them carry out this heavy responsibility.

Can you use the RAP acronym to solve your problems?

R—Recognize differences

A—Accept the principles that apply

P—Practice Agape’ principles to promote marriage harmony


Discover the #One Book that explains how marriage principles work best

  • Work together as team players by practicing Agape’ love
  • Keep love alive through trials and unrest
  • Master 25 principles for Forever Love


Dave calls to her from the bedroom. She slips into a black negligee, brushes her hair, and smiles as she approaches her husband, certain their marriage will become stuff dreams are made of.


If married, you’re armed with the knowledge to make your marriage work. Enjoy the rest of your life in love with YOUR loving Soulmate. Don’t let another day linger.

  • If single you now know how to FIND YOUR soulmate.
  • Now Learn How to Keep Him!
  • Facing marital problems? Find out how to solve them.

Don’t let another day linger. Order your book NOW!

Donna M Patterson


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