Cinderella Love: How to Revel in High Stakes Romance

You Can Make Your Romantic Dreams come True without a Magic Wand and Silver Slippers—
When You Date with Purpose and Direction of What to do, How to Do it, and Why it works!

Is Cinderella Love fairy-tale talk? Many would say, “Yes.” But it’s all about how you approach the subject. Are you thinking of Prince Charming riding up to your door with a silver slipper in hand ready to sweep you off your feet in forever love? Whishing you away to his grand castle?


Or are you thinking, there’s a man out there for me. I just know it! But I don’t know where he is; who he is; how to find him; what to do when I do find him. How to determine if we’re compatible. Then how to grow the initial attraction into forever love?

This post defines Cinderella love as a combination of Agape’ (principled love) + Eros (romantic love). Together this love (when practiced and applied) bonds couples together as “One.” They develop deep friendship that promotes working together as a team. In harmony. As a unit. Never competing against the other. They understand that relationship support is always the top priority.


Agape Love Definition

happy married coupleWhen applied to dating, this love is guided by principles of what is right and in the best interest of the partner. It is love that has an unselfish devotion and sincere concern for the lasting welfare of the mate and family along with an active expression of this concern. Practicing agape’ unselfish love enables couples to cultivate intense love for each other.

What makes agape’ love the greatest love of all is because it’s the glue that holds couples together in ‘bad’ times. …And there WILL be ‘bad’ times. It enables couples to keep putting up with one another and freely forgiving one another.

Even when one partner has a valid complaint against the other, agape’ love will continue to look out for the interest of the erring partner and continue to communicate to find ways to reconcile offenses/misunderstandings. Because principled love works hard to stay the course, to stabilize unity. Therefore, love among those who practice it rarely fails.

Eros Love Definition

It’s when your heart flutters from a glance across the room. The tingle you feel when your fingers intertwine. The rush from a whiff of his fragrance. The taste of his smothering kisses. The cries of pleasure from his feverish embrace when you let your hair down behind closed doors.

Wouldn’t you agree that enjoying this combo love would be Cinderella-like—A man who sweeps you off your feet emotionally and is committed to stand by you for the long haul through ups and downs; good times and bad. Always working together as a team to make your love work no matter what. To nurture it to grow. To cherish each other into gray hair days.

“Humm, Sounds good to me.”

Now, we’ll add the silver to the silver lining.

The Gift of Laughter—Merriam-Webster: A cause of merriment

Let’s tie Agape’ & Eros together with the pink bow of Laughter. Our soulmate is our best friend. He brings joy into our life as a complement to our essence. We talk. We laugh. We cry. And laugh some more. What is life without laughter? We smile when we’re happy. Sometimes a simple hug wells up within us a reason for living. Other benefits according to Mayo Clinic:

  • Improved mood
  • Better relationships
  • Younger appearance
  • Stress reliever
  • Stronger immune system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Pain relief

While all the good, compatible qualities we look for in a soulmate is important, laughter is a must. This is why we need to know the humorous side of a potential partner. Is he sullen, slap-stick kind of guy, judgmental & stoic?  Do you feel relaxed in his presence? Can you let your hair down in hee-haw laughter or does he shut you down? What works for one doesn’t work for all.

Just make sure your soulmate relationship heals your soul. Warms your heart. Makes you
happy. Thus, you complete the circle of love.


Cinderella Love First Dating Steps

Know yourself. Who are you deep down inside? Your essence. Your secrets, your dreams, your foibles, strengths, intolerances, prejudices, hobbies; music preferences, movie preferences, etc. So often women dream up the perfect man never realizing she might not like dogs and he loves dogs. Never asking if there are differences that sabotage love; then differences that expand love. Ever hear of complementary differences. Do you understand how it works?

If not, your perfect guy and you could part ways very fast.

Once you understand yourself and what would complement your life, you’re now ready to create a checklist that will define the type of man most compatible with you. This guide will help eliminate a lot of frogs along the way because you will definitely understand who you should and should not date.

Man and woman sharing intimate communicationYour Choice of whom you’ll date is the single most important building block in whether or not your relationship will succeed. Your choice is more crucial than everything else combined that you will ever do to lay the foundation of marriage (if that is your desire). Your choice will determine whether you enjoy the satisfaction of a wise decision or the pain of a terrible mistake. It’s crucial to make the right decision upfront!

So, in your selection stay focused on what you’re looking for. Once you determine whom to date DO NOT MOVE TOO FAST. There are gradual steps you must recognize, understand, deal with, and complete before moving on.

These are a few tips on WHAT to do to get started in your search for Cinderella love.

More posts dealing with HOW to date for success (the do’s and don’ts) and WHY in these days of ‘free’ love you need a strategy to value your love as “special”— That You are a Prize—are coming. Stay tuned for more practical and exciting articles.

I offer a FREE checklist of six steps to Soulmate Dating.

Donna Patterson

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