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Are His Kisses A Soul-Stirring Emotional Sensation?

THE RIGHT KISS STIRS YOUR SOUL! If not, you might want to rethink your relationship before jumping into marriage. Why? Because the magic of soul-stirring erotic kisses is profound. Those slow open-mouth kisses can do more to unlock your passion than almost anything else. When you feel the heavenly warmth of your lover’s tongue, it […]

Sexual Agency vs Sexual-Self-Respect—Winner?

WHAT IS SEXUAL AGENCY? Sexual Agency boasts a woman’s right to screw around without guilt or recriminations. But NOT without emotional consequences. We’re talking ROBBERY. Initially, I too, jumped on that bandwagon and rode those wild horses humping hotly without constraints.   Why not! After all, as an expression of modern feminism, I was free […]

Relationships Defined – Part II

Julie is fraught with anxiety and confusion trying to understand why Rick has rejected her. She thought she knew the rules–how love and relationships grow–how relationships are defined. Now, she seeks counsel from the relationship counselor who introduced her to the Six-Step-Dating strategy. Let’s listen in on the discussion.   “Dr. Braun,” Julie said, her […]

A Friendship Lover

Often when a new relationship goes bad, I am asked “what are the qualities of a good relationship?” This was the case with Julie who dated a recently divorced man and enjoyed heaven-moving intimacy with him shortly after they met. When he stopped calling, she asked the above question. Here’s how our discussion went: “Ok […]

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