Are His Kisses A Soul-Stirring Emotional Sensation?


If not, you might want to rethink your relationship before jumping into marriage. Why? Because the magic of soul-stirring erotic kisses is profound. Those slow open-mouth kisses can do more to unlock your passion than almost anything else. When you feel the heavenly warmth of your lover’s tongue, it can ignite within you an almost out of world experience—the thrill sending you into orbits of heated pleasure.


Think I’m making this up?

a passionate kiss

Actually there is scientific data to confirm why this excitement occurs.


The Biology of Kissing

A passionate kisses prompts a rush of adrenaline. And triggers the dopamine found in the brain, which is affiliated with the romance felt between the two people committing the act. At the same time, kissing also influences other hormones such as coritsol, which drops when couples hold hands or touch affectionately. The other is oxytocin, which is the main hormone behind the human orgasm.


Also some scholars believe the kiss is a means of seduction and sexual stimulation. Women’s lips, they say resembles the labia. And painted red lips suggest seduction. Research suggests that men prefer wetter kisses, with more involvement of the tongue than women do. The tongue, then as a phallic organ, pleasures the moist open mouth with penetration that clearly simulates intercourse and gives easy rise to sexual excitement.


What Experts Say

Experts believe there is a whole lot of physiology behind the warm and fuzzy feelings that accompany a good kiss. It’s all about dopamine, neurotransmitters, pleasure receptors and the like.


Feelings of passionate love, often but not always a contributing factor to a really good kiss, are believed to stimulate the same type of brain activity as parachuting, bungee jumping, distance running or other sports activities, says Marta Miana, a UNLV psychology professor specializing in sexuality and health psychology.


a-French_KissIn a nutshell, these types of activities cause the brain to experience a surge in norepinephrine, dopamine and phenylethylamine (or just PEA to some), Dr. Miana explains. These neurotransmitters attach to the so-called pleasure receptors in the brain to create feelings of euphoria, giddiness, elation and the like. Components in amphetamine drugs are similar to these same neurotransmitters, which is why these drugs create similar feelings, according to modern science.


Any of these activities can be addictive, because the pleasure receptors crave a certain level of the different neurotransmitters. For a variety of reasons believed both genetic and environmental, some people are more susceptible than others to certain types of addictions–drugs, alcohol, skiing, shopping and maybe even sex–based on the type of neurotransmitters the activities produce and the brain craves.


How Important is the Kiss to Women

couple kissingA kiss is a make or break deal because a soft, slow open-mouth kiss may be the most significant key to unlocking her passion.  When she feels the rapturous flame of his heated tongue, it can make her high to nearly passing out—then she’s hooked.


It is the kiss alone that unites hearts. It is this caress alone that gives the deep sensation of two beings becoming one.  Because a kiss is the intimate touch that expresses more than words ever could and opens your heart and soul to another human being.


Let me explain why that’s not trivial.  Recent research concludes that a bad kiss can doom a relationship because a woman can’t get past a bad kiss.  And experience has shown most women that a bad kiss only spells trouble down the road.  Why would that be so?


One thought is that it clues whether we are genetically compatible.  Often women use kissing as a mate- measurement technique, subsequently evaluating mating potential from the chemicals in our partner’s saliva and breath for instance.  That’s scientific stuff.


All we know is that a kiss is an emotional bonding phenomenon.  It connects a man and a woman at their most vulnerable and passionate level for an instant in time that leaves them entwined in heart and soul. I buy this explanation!


In a study published recently by the scientific journal “Evolutionary Psychology,” 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women said they’ve been in the position of being attracted to someone –until they kissed the person.  A kiss can be a deal breaker in terms of whether a relationship will flower or flounder.


Kate’s Story

When Kate and Steven were dating, Kate avoided his kisses as much as possible because she hated his wet sloppy kisses. But she was young and inexperienced and no one had ever discussed the importance and experience of kissing. Not her mother. Not relationship books. Not her minister in marriage preparation counseling.


Steven was handsome, a good provider, loved children, kind and gentle,–how lucky could a girl get?  He had so many fine qualities that she ignored that aspect of their relationship and married him any way.  I mean in the overall scheme of things, how important is the kiss?  VERY.  After 20 years, she sadly admitted—we never bonded.


an unhappy womanHow tragic.


I can hear some of you out there ranting and raving hollering that this is such a superficial take on bonding and marriage. So let’s consider some who have never experienced the power of the kiss.
If the couple doesn’t know any better, maybe they’ll be companionable. If close companionship is fine for you, it’s fine for me. And that’s your business.


On the other hand, if you want the passion and the “high” that soulmate love promises you need to think seriously about importance of the kiss when considering a mate. If you want more than companionship, there will always be an empty hole in your heart unconsciously yearning for that something special between the two of you—that something celestial that is the soulful kiss.


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  • In the comment section below, let me know your thoughts. Do you believe that passionate kisses have the power to bond?
  • In absence of this kissing factor of bonding, do you feel marriages can survive as happy, fulfilled entities?
  • What has been your experience in dealing with this or a similar situation?



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