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Hi, welcome to my blog. My name is Donna Patterson, Relationship Coach.

I write creative non-fiction that bring facts to life through fiction storytelling format. My focus helps single women find their best-matched soulmate in six steps. A soulmate defined as: Two-Team-Players in Love. Replete with characters, plots, conflicts and resolutions these stories are based on real-life examples of principles that work in everyday life to build loving, lasting relationships.

For instance, when writing whether opposites should marry, I state my argument for “No” followed pros and cons while characters fuss, fight, fume every day, always at odds. Readers ask themselves, “Are these two opposites team players?” They get the point!

Some readers consider my voice bold, gutsy, even controversial. The information offered, however, is REAL—because I base the premise on principled love that rarely fails—it is how relationships work best—even when these principles fly in the face of popular opinion—they work!

My background includes experience as corporate trainer with a Fortune 500 company teaching and designing courses that addressed in-house needs. Recently I’ve acquired an Achology Life Coach Certificate through Kain Ramsay, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology 2019.

For fun, I play jazz piano, swim, relationship coach, and volunteer teacher.


I’m a Kindle author who helps single women date for marriage. My slant is Retro-Dating: Back to Basic Fundaments vs Pop Culture. It succeeds by developing a plan following a six-step process, fully explained, from Selection through Dating into Marriage. With thirty-five years’ experience, I help women build self-esteem, identify their best match, then set their value high enough to aim for their best, therefore, never settling for less. It works for most.

Currently,  I am CEO of the new How-to-Date-to-Marry Group. I am not a doctor of any sort and don’t claim to be. But I have been involved in public speaking for 35 years and my background includes 7 years as a training instructor for a Fortune 500 Company. Plus, I have studied relationships and their outcomes for more than 30 years.

As a result, my group prepares and presents timely informational insights from 2-10 pages, in answer to questions asked by clients with answers based on human nature laws as outlined in our workbook. This personal help is available only to clients who know and understand how the principles presented in the How-to-Date-to-Marry Workbook actually work to promote love and harmony within the marriage and family arrangement.

I know the pain of women seeking a good man to settle down with and start a family.  I’ve been around the block a few times and had to learn dating skills the hard way. Had to protect my heart from depression and from the fear of never finding the right partner for me. The good news is — You don’t have to stumble and fall into the traps of hooking up and kissing all the frogs along the way until you find Mr. Right. You can learn from my mistakes. And from the benefits of adhering to basic fundamentals that human nature teaches the secret(s) of dating that women from yesteryear knew when marriage success was much higher than today.

My aim here, then, is to teach you how to date based on how men pursue. To stop the mystery of the pursuit dead in its tracks! The information presented is powerful because it allows for the challenge men most desperately need. Understanding this challenge smoothly bridges your journey from Selection, thru Dating into Marriage.

My approach is unlike any other because the process is based on time-tested, proven human-nature principles that have been proven throughout the years on how relationships work best.

When I was a young woman I struggled to find the right man to love. With no direction, no plan, no idea of what to look for. I was searching blindfolded. I went from one bad relationship to another. I felt frustrated, rejected, mislead.  And always unloved.

But what puzzled me most was what happened when I actually found someone promising: The chemistry was right. We clearly liked each other. We had much in common. But after a few dates, sometimes a couple months, he’d disappear. I was pulling my hair out, “Why did this budding romance fizzle? What went wrong?”

And then, once again, I was heartbroken … Another rejection!

What’s wrong with me? What is it that I do or say. Am I not attractive enough? Is it my weight? My small boobs? What could I have done differently? All these questions and more would feverishly attack my self-esteem.

Not only did I suffer rejection, but I saw this happen to other women and it didn’t matter what age group.  I saw my best friend’s divorced mother getting back into the dating game flounder with rejection as well and of course younger women like me at the time.

Then it dawned on me, “Girl, you have no idea how love works, how it grows nor how to make it work for me.”

Frantic to find answers I turned to love gurus, TV personalities, and how-to-books by the dozens to no avail. They all spouted popular dating opinions of the day–I was already doing that–and it WASN’T WORKING. Desperate, I set out on my own to find the truth about how love develops and how it grows. It was grueling work. But I searched & discovered the elements that make love work!

Now the grunt work is done and I’ve compiled valuable information into a WORKBOOK to share with you so that you won’t have to flounder searching for love blindfolded like I did. Nor will you have to suffer the devastation of love gone bad in ways that tear your heart to shreds.

To be perfectly clear, I’m not saying the next time you date it will work out perfectly. I’m saying, if it does not, you’ve learned how to protect your emotions in a way that leaves your self-worth intact and you can move on with your head held high until Mr. Right does come along.

Now you can benefit from my wisdom by dating in ways that make sense. Ways that invite deep enduring love that impels your man to love you from his heart and propose marriage — even sometimes if he says he’s not ready . . . All in six steps.

Today, I tell my story through Julie … She’s the character in the workbook who struggles with Joe who won’t commit, then breaking it off with him, she repeats same mistakes over and over again with several different men in various situations. Actually, we’ll see her date 5 different men.

She’s hard-headed, don’t you know …

It’s only when she meets Tracy Braun, relationship counselor, that she begins to make workable, smart dating decisions, following through with a plan. The two were pretty contentious at first, Julie flailed against the plan as outdated, but eventually acquiesces and finds the love of her life, Dave.

But Dave hedges … find out the bold step Julie took … Then learn how you too can follow “The Plan” outlined in the workbook, to find the love of your life and marriage.

This program is full circle. It takes you from Selection thru Dating into Marriage.  No sense in knowing how to date to get married, then discover you aren’t prepared for what marriage means on a daily basis and how to navigate through its ups and downs.  Here, you will learn the BIG PICTURE. The Whole kit and caboodle.

The benefit of knowing what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how to do it saves you from having to kiss the frogs along the way by identifying your best match upfront. Then we dig deep to define qualities of a good relationship. Click above: how-to-date-to-marry.

The Plan

Effective dating starts with a plan. This Plan starts with and revolves around the creation of two dating profile. If you follow the plan you are increasing your chances of experiencing positive results in playing the dating game:

1) Personal Profile: designed to help you understand the Selection Process by understanding who you are first–deep down inside. You lay naked in the truth of your core self.  Only then can you select your best match upfront without having to kiss all the frogs along the way.

2) Selection Profile: describes the man best suited to love you and is ready for marriage. Selecting the ‘right’ partner is your single most important challenge and decision. Your choice of whom to marry is more crucial than everything else combined that you will ever do to find a love you can develop into happy marriage. All of this is explained in detail in the workbook.

3) Your Road Map: Now you have a guide for what you’re looking for in a potential partner. Makes it much easier to pick and choose who to date. Then let the dating process play out to see if this selection is the right one. At least you’ve hedged your bets with the likelihood that this selection could lead to marriage.

4) Let the dating begin: There will be ups and downs. But far fewer if you follow your Selection Profile guidelines. Now that you’ve selected the man to date, it’s time to start following the Six Steps Dating Plan that leads to marriage.

5) Learn the secret of cat and mouse pursuit: let him catch you — not the other way around. Create the opportunity to be chased and he will pursue you all the way down the aisle to the altar.

6) Couples apply “principled love”: learn how to resolve issues in a way that ensures relationship happiness during the dating process into marriage. In other words, our clients learn — how to beat the odds of 1 out of 2 breakups and divorces.

So now that you know who I am, let’s get started!

If you have questions or need support, feel free to Call Me.  


I Invite You To Call Me for support.  First, read the above tab about Grandma-D and the purpose of this blog. I want you to understand who I am and what I want to do assist you in dealing with the ups and downs of relationships. The good, bad, and the ugly as it were. Keying in especially on how to handle rejection.

You are special and deserve love, respect, and happiness. Therefore, I want you to be able to:

And yes, there is a BEST way as outlined in How-to-Date-to-Marry workbook.”

Once you embrace the key principles of human nature and understand how they work best between a man and a woman, you’ll never have to knowingly suffer the pain of rejection, nor ever to be relegated to secondhand, walk-away love again. Instead, you can find true love.

Conversely, if you ignore or dismiss these principles then you will knowingly sabotage your chance for a workable partnership that lasts for the long haul —You don’t want that.

It’s your choice … Let’s proceed.

The first step is to read the workbook, complete the profiles, answer the Q&A’s. This workbook is unique in its presentation of taking you on a journey from Selection through Dating into Marriage. It’s quite individualized and thorough in its approach. It’s a great love story and offers practical tips and solutions.

Once you understand and apply this foundation knowledge, you’ll step forward with a new attitude toward dating and relationship building. Then memories of your past failures will fade into the distance.  In its place, you’ll be stepping high with an increased level of knowledge that builds confidence and hopefulness as you once again enter the dating arena.

Now all this is fine and good, but you know what? …

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. A hearing ear. A shoulder to cry on. Non-judgmental. Something too private to share with those close to you, yet needing an outlet. Someone you can trust to assist you through trying times.

Life Can Be Cruel Holding You Hostage In Darkness:

I offer you full privacy and confidentiality to speak freely and openly to relieve your pressure and pain often with guidance for better times ahead.

Do you want to talk?  CALL ME. …I can Help!  (Available October 30, 2017)

My heart goes out to so many requests that I’m extending myself for one-on-one conversations with me for a limited time, via pay-per-call service. This is a “live” paid service.  Credit cards and debit cards are accepted.

Let’s chat. You talk. Let’s find solutions.

I eagerly want to hear what’s on your mind and work with you to map out a plan that can help you resolve your issue(s).

I am available daily, except Thursday and Sunday. Hours are 2pm to 10pm EST. Cost is $2.99/ minute. Let’s talk today!

Hope you are as excited about this chance for mutual dialogue as I am.

Pick up your phone and call me NOW. Call below.  

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